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While the school is closed to most children, we do expect children to continue to learn as much as possible. We will be updating the website on Mondays with work to do and activities for the children to be getting on with in the following week.  Some of this will be through other websites and some of it will be activities that we have planned to support topic work.  You will need paper and pencils.  


You will find all of the week's work under the 'Home Learning Maps and weekly resources' button and then by week beginning (WB).  You will also notice that there are subject buttons.  In here teachers will be putting other supporting materials: web addresses, videos, spelling lists etc, for more generic support that your child can also do if they find themselves with some spare time, or have a specific area of learning that they would like to do more work on.  Please note that these web pages are a work in progress, if there is something that you need that is not covered in either of these places, please e-mail the email address for help and advice. 

The Anglo-Saxons

Get ready for battle as we travel back in time to Anglo-Saxon Britain! The Anglo-Saxons were known for their vicious fighting and brutality but they didn't all want to fight - some came to farm and live in the land peacefully, while others wanted to make new homes. Begin to carry out your own research to find out how this civilisation has significantly shaped the Britain that we know today...


Websites for Home Learning - this document contains a comprehensive list of recommended websites to support children's home learning across the whole curriculum. Children can access these websites and explore all of the games and activities independently. ENJOY!


Our next topic after the Easter holiday will be The Ancient Maya. You can carry out your own research and access the eBook below, to begin to find out about into this fascinating civilisation!

1. Set a timetable

- ideally aim for about 1 hour for maths, 1 hour for English, 15- 30 minutes reading

30 minutes basic skills practice (mental maths, times tables, spelling, grammar or handwriting)

On the curriculum page there are tutorials for maths if you need them.


2.  Encourage your child to set up their own work space  - somewhere quiet and away from distractions.


3. Keep to routine and include exercise.


4. Your child's pack contains things they can do, but each week there will also be suggestions on this page updated weekly.


5. Your child can access sites such as spellzone, rock stars times tables, duolingo, Topmarks and daily 10. Other useful things include learning to touch type, Reading Theory (reading comprehension site) and learning how to use software like Microsoft Word, Publisher and Excel.


6. The times tables practice sheets are on the curriculum maths page. All children will need to know their 12 x 12  tables.



20/01/20 In geography, we had lots of fun creating our own weather forecasts based on our understanding of the climate of the Amazon rainforest. Here is an example!

Still image for this video

17/01/20 This week, we have begun to explore 'The Wonder Garden' through lots of shared reading, discussions and guided reading activities. Here the children created a picture map of an extract of the book. We will use this to plan and develop our own ideas for a descriptive piece of writing based on a journey through the Amazon rainforest...Keep an eye out for fabulous writing to come!

Topic spellings - spellings for each week can be found in this document

Topic Web - Why should the Amazon rainforest be important to us all?



‘Ahead of you is a dense, vast forest, shrouded in mist. The air starts to thicken, the temperature rises and the humidity makes you feel clammy and sticky. With every footstep, the foliage multiples until it begins to dwarf you. The horizon becomes obscured by plants and the sunlight that reaches the forest floor is dappled; you look up and see that you are shadowed by a giant canopy of trees that tower overhead. Soon, you stand alone, swatting and swiping at insects, and listening to the howls and hoots of animals hidden in the undergrowth. You have entered the Amazon rainforest, the largest tropical rainforest and one of the richest concentrations of life on Earth.’

The Wonder Garden by Kristjana S Williams and Jenny Bloom


Welcome to our new topic which is about the Amazon rainforest. Throughout this geography-based topic, we will be exploring the physical and human features of the Amazon rainforest, considering how the physical environment impacts on human settlement and activity. We will also be investigating the effects of human activity, such as deforestation, on the natural environment and in response we will be writing persuasive speeches about the importance of protecting the Amazon rainforest. Our other units of reading and writing will be inspired by our lead text, The Wonder Garden, which is an exquisitely-illustrated non-fiction book based on five different habitats from around the world. In Art & Design, we will be creating collage and line drawings inspired by the illustrations of this book.


So join us to explore the wonder of the Amazon rainforest!


Year 5 Curriculum Map - an overview of the Year 5 curriculum

19/12/19 FANTASTIC FINISH! To round off our topic all about forces, the children were set the challenge of creating a marble run or their marvellous machines which they had designed and written about in English.

9/12/19 Exciting experiments! The children have been busy planning and carrying out a variety of experiments to investigate the effects of different types of forces. Here are some pictures of what they've been up to...

4/11/19 STUNNING START! We began to explore forces in action through play and investigation. This has helped to stimulate our thinking, elicit prior knowledge and highlight any misconceptions!



Image result for rollercoaster

Roll up, roll up! It's time to begin our new topic...SCREAM MACHINE! This half-term we will be learning all about forces and how these forces are used to create theme park rides. We will be planning, carrying out and evaluating our own investigations in science, as well as designing and creating our own machines which use different types of mechanisms in D&T. In English, we will be writing our own poems based on From a Railway Carriage by Robert Louis Stevenson and will be writing explanations texts about forces; meanwhile in maths, we will be learning about graphs and charts and multiplication and division. 

Okay, ready to ride? Don’t forget to scream if you want to go faster!


Spelling Cards - Here are some fun ways to learn and practise spellings at home

21/10/19 FANTASTIC FINISH! Trip to Herstmonceux Observatory

18/10/19 Moon-inspired block printing

Display of the children's block prints

Our first topic this half-term is 'Into the Unknown'. This is a science-led topic which will explore aspects of space and astronomy across various areas of the curriculum. In music, we will be exploring the Classic Rock genre by listening and appraising various rocks songs and learning how to sing and perform 'Livin' on a Prayer' by Bon Jovi! 



Weekly spellings (Monday), reading and times tables practice. Children can practice their times tables online using TT Rockstars or paper practice sheets.



PE is on a Thursday and Friday this half-term.


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