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Year 4

Well done everyone.  You have learnt so much this year and grown and matured.  You met challenges with perseverance and resilience and overcame them . You made fabulous progress and have been a joy to teach. I wish you a safe and happy holiday and hope you will continue to thrive and blossom in year 5.


Thank you and your parents for all your wonderful gifts.  I will really treasure them.


Year 3- welcome to year 4.  Our first topic will be Rivers. If you get a chance pop over to Exceat and go high on the hill to get a good look at the river from above.


Miss T

Year 4 Curriculum Map - an overview of the Year 4 curriculum

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Our topic this term is Spain. We will be studying persuasive writing in English and sound in science.    In Maths we are learning to calculate with time and the peoperties of 3d shape. We will also learn negative numbers, and work more on decimals. Our big event is Let's Dance on March 14th at The Dome.  Children will undertake formal  mid year assessments this term, Homework is due on Thursdays and includes reading, spelling and times tables.

PE is on Wednesday and Friday.  Children will need a change of trainers each day for the daily mile.

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  • Homework is to read at least five times a week. Fill in your reading record each time with how many pages you have read. Make sure you have your reading book in school every day.
  • Make sure you play on Rockstars times tables at east five times a week for ten minutes a time.  The garage and arena are the best places to play. If you have no computer access - ask for the worksheets.
  • Learn your spellings by using look, cover,write and  check.




Homework 14.3.19 - 21.3.19

homework 21.3.19 - 28.3.19

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