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Year 3

Mighty Mountains and Vicious Volcanoes!

What are mountains like?

Welcome back!

We hope you had a great Easter Holiday! The class have returned working and are working very hard so far. This half term, we are asking the question 'What are mountains like?' as will be using lots of Geography skills to learn what mountains are, what features they have and where they are in the world. We will also think about who lives and works on or near them and why and what impact they have on our world. 


We will also be learning about Volcanoes, how they form, what causes them to erupt and the affect this has on the local area. 


It promises to be a very exciting topic!


Spellings will be coming home weekly again this half term, for the children to learn alongside reading and learning times tables at home!


We are pleased to welcome back Mr Drudge who will be teaching and working alongside Mr De Marco for the next two months.  


I look forward to catching up with you soon, and sharing some excellent work on the class page!


Many thanks,  Tim De Marco, Year 3 Class Teacher.



Summer Term 1 Topic Web - What are Mountains Like?

Meet the Teacher meeting!


A huge thank you to everyone who was able to attend the Zoom meeting. Please find below the presentation that was shared as well as some key resources mentioned during the meeting.

Home learning information

This week, the children will choose library books and be given a reading book. Children should be reading every day if possible, including regularly reading to an adult. We will be aiming to find the right level book for each child. Please write comments and questions in your child's reading record. Children can change their books every day. Returned books will be isolated for at least 72 hours before being made available again.


Weekly spelling lists will start in the next couple of weeks. Children will bring home 10 words to learn every Monday and be tested the following Monday. 


The children have thoroughly learnt the 3x, 4x and 8x tables this year and are continuing to practice them, alongside 2x, 5x and 10x learnt in Y2. We have also understood the 11x table. It is good to keep practicing and getting even more familiar with these times tables as well as their related division calculations.



At the current time, there will be fewer opportunities to communicate in person, so feel free to contact me at:

I will aim to reply as quickly as I can between 8.30-4.30pm Monday to Friday. 

Our animal sketches

In Art, we have been learning to sketch with pencils and use shading to add effects. This week, we observed how artists sketch animals and sketched some ourselves! I was very impressed with what they came up with!

Inspired by the story of 'The First Drawing' by Mordecai Gerstein, the children drew animals with chalk on the playground... with great results!

Year 3 Curriculum Map - an overview of the Year 3 curriculum

Maths for the able child


If your child needs more challenge we recommend the challenges from


Click on the primary tab and search for a challenge on an appropriate theme e.g. addition, fractions, symmetry.

The key thing is to let your child puzzle your way through it , rather than show them how to work it out.  Helpful hints can be found in "how to get started"  and for adults - looking at the solution may make the skills needed clearer  

Useful Resources to use at home!