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Year 2

Home Learning


Our learning, for now, is available on our class page on Google Classroom. Please go there to find it. If you are having problems logging in, please contact me directly on my email


Online learning is statutory and, as much as is possible in your family, should be treated as a normal school day. Although I will be posting the work on Google Classroom, much of it will need to be done on paper with pens and pencils. You can then take a photograph of your work and submit it to me on Google Classroom. If you have any problems with accessing the work, or doing the work, please contact me - you can send me a message on Google Classroom or to my email.  


Full instructions on how to use Google Classroom are here:

Welcome to our Year 2 class page. This page has been set up to help provide some information for you with regards to what happens in our year 2 class, our expectations and some helpful and handy links to support further learning.  Should you need to contact me, please feel free to send me an email. 


My contact details are


Information for this term






PE will be on Monday afternoons (with Mr Clark) and Tuesday afternoons (with Mr Jones).  Please ensure that the children come into school on these days wearing their school PE kit : shorts or tracksuit bottoms (depending on the weather), trainers, school jumper or fleece.  




Maths – Once we have covered the concepts of multiplication and times tables within our maths lessons. We will issue the children with their Times Tables Rock Star log ins. Please use this and any other methods that are engaging and enjoyable for the children to help them learn their times tables.


Reading – Please read with you child as often as possible, we would recommend at least 4 or 5 times a week with the books they bring home from school. A major part of reading is year 2 is developing the children’s comprehension of what they are reading. The children will be able to do this best when they are reading at least 95% of the words they come across without the need to sounds out, blend and check them.


Alongside this the more books, stories and reading they enjoy the better. This includes having stories read to them, reading other books they enjoy and seeing the people around them as ‘readers’. 


Spelling – The children should ideally be applying the phonics sounds, they are familiar with, in their spelling and having phonetically plausible attempts. They are expected to be able to spell the common exception words, noting where letter or parts of words are making unusual sounds, for year one and should be becoming familiar with the year two words through this year. There is the list of these words and some spelling games you can play at home to support with this below under 'Common Exception Words'.

Year 2 Curriculum Map - an overview of the Year 2 curriculum