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Year 1

Year 1 Curriculum Map - the overview of the Year 1 Curriculum

Welcome to Year 1!


PE will be every Thursday and Friday - please ensure children have their PE kits on these days. I recommend a pair of long bottoms to be worn under PE shorts for the winter.


If you have any questions or need to let me know anything, feel free to talk to me at home time.

Writing and Spelling in Year 1


By the end of year 1, the children are expected to apply their phonics as their primary way to write. The words they should be spelling correctly are the common exception words (that don't work using phonics) and the high frequency words (words that they probably use frequently and can use phonics to spell). All of these words are included on the Year 1 Word Mat available to download from our class page, this is what the children use in class to find words they want to write.


The suffixes and prefix the children need to be able to use are:

  • un_
  • _ed
  • _ing
  • _er
  • _est

They should be able to apply these to a word that does not need a change e.g. 'rain' to 'raining'.


It prepares them well for year 2 to know some words need a change and there is a picture of our working wall below showing how we guide them through how to add a suffix correctly. We try the rules from left to right until we find the one that applies.

Phonics and Reading in Year 1


There are guides and glossaries on our class page to help with phonics and reading.


You will also find the strategy cards that we use in out guided reading sessions to give the children both phonics based and non-phonics based strategies to help with in their reading. We advise thinking about have one or two you could work on together. 

The Phonemes of the English Alphabet Code - Synthetic Phonics