St Margaret's CofE

Primary School


WB 18.5.20

Supplementary material


As the scheme is progressive and we didn't start using it until this term this means we are on week two of the summer term.  The lessons are

Round decimals

halves and quarters

pounds and pence

Ordering money

Friday challenge.


It is a good idea to continue to use the shopping ideas outlined in last week's work for money and you can add interest to this by for instance giving a budget for birthday/Christmas presents and seeing if they can work out what they can get and hoe much change they will have.  Or you could give a budget per donor and see if they can find a present, find the change and find the total donated. 



From this week on, we are concentrating on the children's ability to write in correct sentences using 100% correct punctuation and checking their own spelling.  What they write about is less important than how they write it.


Key year objectives are:

1. Most spelling will be correct.

2. Punctuation including apostrophes and punctuation within speech marks will be correct.

3.  They will use adverbs, adjectives, and fronted adverbials ( with commas) in their work.