St Margaret's CofE

Primary School


WB 11.5.20

Supplementary material for this week

How to learn about money

The best way to do this is to set up a shop.  At year 4 level, they should be able to work with  pounds and pence  so prices could range from  say 79p  to £4.85  etc.  However, some children will be less familiar with using money and will need to start at a much lower level- the first level is amounts up to 10 p

Ideally use real money.


Encourage children to add amounts together.  They should aim to add two or three amounts together.  They can be aided in doing this by using money to help with the adding but the aim is that they should be increasingly aiming to do this mentally by adding to the nearest £1.  They can use a number line to help with this.  They can also use column method.


The next stage is to work out change from set amounts.  In year 4, we are usually working out change from £5 or £10.  The easiest way is to count on from the amount you have spent to the amount you have using coins.


Finally they should be able to use multiplication with amounts up to £1  i.e  I bought 4 icecreams for 39p

How much change did I get from £5?