St Margaret's CofE

Primary School

A welcoming village school in the of the Rottingdean community


The work that I am trying to hand in is blank

We're not sure why this happens, but never fear, it will still be there.

  • Click on the waffle on the top right hand side of the screen.
  • Find the 'Drive' app and click on it.
  • In there, you will find your work.  
  • Click on it to ensure that it has been completed.
  • Go back to the classwork and find the 'Your work' box on the topy right hand side.
  • Click on +Add or create (the blue bar)

  • Attach the work to here and 'Hand in'.

Why is my teacher returning my work?

Your teacher is returning  your work to show that they have marked it.  

If you are given a score of 100, that means that the work that you have submitted is good and you don't need to do anything further to it.

If you are given a score of 50, it means that you haven't quite achieved what your teacher wanted you to and you need to go back and respond to their marking or finish the work off.

I've lost my password or my login details aren't working

Contact Mrs Price to either retrieve your login details or to reset your password.  Your class teacher will not be able to do this, so please go straight to Mrs Price for help.