St Margaret's CofE

Primary School

A welcoming village school in the of the Rottingdean community

Specialist Agency Support

School Counsellor Support


My name is Billy Lansdell and I have been a school counsellor at St Margaret’s since September 2018.  I am in school on a Wednesday offering individual and group counselling for pupils, as well as informal support for parents and teaching staff. 

My aim is to offer a space within the busy school environment where our children and young people can express their emotional responses in a safe and creative way.  My experience is that over time this opportunity allows children and young people to develop their own ways of navigating the demands of life, moving towards their natural potential. 

When I work with staff and parents, I try to offer a space where our children and young people can be thought about and their needs understood.  I know how hard parents and teachers work and enjoy offering additional thinking and reflection to support their invaluable contributions to the community.

If you have a concern about your child, please contact Mrs Carpenter to discuss further.

In addition to the interventions mentioned above, St Margaret’s has a range of avenues to support children and families, including (Circle of Friends, Just Right sensory regulation, Attachment Team, Family Support, Safetynet resilience work, referrals to CAMHS).  If further support is required, then we would initially make an assessment of need to help consider what would be of most benefit.