St Margaret's CofE

Primary School

A welcoming village school in the of the Rottingdean community


Weekly Learning


We will use the White Rose website for home learning activities, there is a video to watch to help you with each of the jobs. Then you can look at the activity that goes with each video, when you have finished the activity you can check you work looking at the answers on the answer sheet, but no peeking at the answers before you have a go!

Online Practise


Year 1 have all been set up on Sum Dog and Numbots, there are links to these sites below.


The login details have all been set up as follows (for both Sum Dog and Numbots):


Username: Childs full first name with a capital letter at the start

Password: Everyones has been set to 'abc' all in lowercase


Please log in and explore these sites see what the children enjoy and can do already.


Top Marks can be accessed without a login.


In the coming weeks some of the activities on the home learning web may be to use specific parts of these sites.

Offline Practise


For maths work you do on paper, there are some squared pages you can print to work on if you would like to. You could also work in a notebook you have at home to write some number sentences and draw pictures to show what is happening in them.


In year 1, we should be able to use numbers unto 20 and the following signs:

Add + Take Away - Equals = (Equals means what is on each side is worth the same amount)

Greater Than    > (This mean what is on the left is worth more than what is on the right)

Less Than        < (This mean what is on the left is worth less than what is on the right)


e.g.     12 + 5 = 17              15 = 10 + 5              15 - 7 = 8              12 < 19

                                       20 > 4 + 4              6 + 6 = 10 + 2

For all of these it is important the children can use resources or picture to show what the number sentences mean. By doing this fluently it allows them to access the deeper understanding shown by some of the later examples.