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Primary School

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We will be putting activities for the children to do on Sumdog.  You have all been given logins for this.  The logins are the same for Numbots as well.




We would also be grateful if you could sing counting songs with your children and let them have opportunities to count objects, adding them together and taking them away.  This can be organic and part of your daily routine e.g. how many stairs are there in the house?  How many cups are in the dishwasher/draining board?  Can you get enough knives and forks out to lay the table?  How many are there altogether?

Here are some counting songs


Please also do the date daily, talking about the day, date and month.  Discuss the weather and the season and what signs we can see of the changing seasons.  Ask your child to teach you the days of the week song - you won't regret it!

Here are some other useful websites / online games for maths


Numberblocks on cbeebies / iplayer


ICT games 

These are mostly aimed at year 1 and 2 objectives but some of the games / levels are appropriate for Reception children.



This is a website focused on developing maths reasoning and problem solving, which is a big part of the maths mastery approach we use. There are some early years activities and some of those in Lower Primary section may be appropriate with support / adaptation.


Topmarks maths

Lots of games for maths, appropriate to Reception children.