St Margaret's CofE

Primary School


Learning at St Margaret's


We have embarked on a journey to develop a curriculum for the children of St Margaret’s which nurtures their curiosity, grows their creativity and allows them to be successful across a range of different areas of learning.

Through inspiring themes, wonderful books, careful planning and engaging environments, we hope to deliver a curriculum that is relevant to the children. We follow the National Curriculum and will continue to do so, incorporating the changes in the 2014 Curriculum in September 2014.

Our aim is to help them have the best possible chance in the future through a love of learning and a clear set of skills which broaden their horizons.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you and welcome your feedback.


Our learning, begins with teachers creating a learning journey which would capture the children’s curiosity and nurture their natural love of learning.

Through a theme, each class is immersed in their learning. We feel this is the best way to engage the children and we have tried to create classroom environments which help to immerse the children even more into what they are learning.

Our aim is to have termly learning journeys which nurture the children’s learning in an exciting and enjoyable way.


As the Learning journey progresses, children’s learning in all areas of the curriculum will be encouraged to grow. For the majority of time, this will be through the class teacher planning and preparing interesting lessons for children to develop in. The structure of these lessons will be similar to how they were before the start of this term.

During the week, children will be given independent tasks to complete. These allow the children to explore their own interests and the teacher is then on hand to support their ideas.

For children to develop, they must know what they are doing well and how they can improve further. Children will continue to receive targets which help them to understand this. In addition to this, children’s work will always be marked which will help them to see how they have met the learning objective and what they need to do next.

Every morning, children will look through their English and maths books to check how they are doing and what it is they need to do next. We call this ‘Target Time’.

The homework children receive is aimed at helping the children develop their learning even further through practice and research.


We, like you, want the children of St Margaret’s to be successful in all they do. We enjoy celebrating their success throughout the week and as a whole school community on Friday mornings.

Their ability to read, write and use number will be vital in their future lives. We will continue to teach children these skills within this creative curriculum. Their success in these subjects will be celebrated in the feedback given to them by their class teacher.

In addition to these basic skills, we want to continue to value the arts,

sciences and personal skills. We aim to promote these even more and to show children how to develop their success in these areas.

All this successful learning, will be put together into their journals. This will be a record of their term’s journey and celebrate the work which they should be proud of.

Most important of all, we want the children to develop their own understanding of success and to recognise when they have achieved something special.


The future is theirs and we want to make sure they can make the most of it.

It is a privilege to share this part of their lives with them and we will continue to work with you in helping them reach their full potential.