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Welcome to St Margaret's CofE Primary School Inclusion Page


My name is Mrs Carpenter and I am the SENCo (Special Needs Coordinator) at the school. My job is to have an overview of everything which goes on for children at the school and ensure that all children feel safe, secure, included and successful. 

My priority for the school is to ensure that any provision which sits outside of High Quality Teaching (the term to describe best practice teaching in schools) is having an impact and enabling children to meet their learning and social goals.

I really value collaboration with parents/carers and try to work together with parents/carers to plan and review the support that we have on offer. 

If you have a child at the school and are concerned about their progress or happiness at school, please get in touch so that we can agree on the next steps to help your child to progress.


Please read our SEN policy and SEN Information Report for more details on how we identify and support special educational needs.


Have a great day


Mrs Carpenter


English as an Additional Language


We welcome and celebrate the diversity that children from different cultures and countries bring to the school. Those with English as an Additional Language (EAL) may be supported by the Ethnic Minority Achievement Service (EMAS). As a school, we have bought into a package of support from EMAS to ensure that our children with EAL are given the best possible start to school life with us and are supported to thrive.

Access for Those with Physical Disabilities


We are fortunate that our site and grounds are extremely accessible and allow for children with a range of physical needs to take part in all of the activities and learning opportunities that we offer. There is disabled access to all areas in the school and we are always working hard to consider ways of offering a wide range of opportunities to those who find physical tasks difficult. 



Click here to watch a Ted Talk from a young adult with autism discussing autism and how it frees her to be herself.