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Supporting with reading and writing


Regular reading with the children is the most beneficial thing that can be done at home to support the children's learning. Enjoying books that are matched to the children's phonics should be one source of reading material. Alongside this, books from across different levels that the children enjoy exploring and having read read to them all instils a love of books and learning.


Giving the children opportunities to write will also all them to show what they can do, build their confidence and see it as a 'real word' skill. Please do share some special pieces of writing the children do at home with us at school as it is great to celebrate these.

Supporting the children to recognise the common exception words to read or spell them quickly in a similar way to learning times tables helps to make writing more accessible and smooth for children. The above documents will offer some ideas of games you can play to do this. There will also be lots of creative ideas online that will support this.

Year 2 English Curriculum