St Margaret's CofE

Primary School


Curriculum Statement of Intent

Grace, Strength, Love

St Margaret’s Curriculum Statement of Intent

At St Margaret’s we are working with our school community to shape responsible, global citizens of the future with Grace, Strength and Love. 

We are committed to providing a curriculum with breadth that:

  • Secures progress and achievement in a holistic way paying close attention, not only to academic achievement, but also to creative pursuits, physical development and pastoral care. 
  • Allows pupils to achieve their personal best, taking into account the whole child and preparing them for life beyond St Margaret’s.
  • Focuses on knowledge and skills that are built on year on year, always moving forward, but also reflecting on and recapping previous learning.
  • Challenges, motivates, inspires and leads to a lifelong interest in learning.
  • Promotes active community involvement.
  • Ensures students are prepared for life in modern Britain.
  • Offers a wide range of quality extra-curricular opportunities for personal development.
  • Harnesses the resources that we have on our doorstep, making sure that all of our children experience the richness of our school grounds, local environment and the history within it.
  • Involves working with the community to promote local, national and global awareness.
  • Encourages resilience and independence.