St Margaret's CofE

Primary School

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Computing is a vital skill for life and the curriculum helps prepare children for the future. Technology plays a part throughout our lives and so it is important they can use it effectively.  They will use a range of technologies and learn different skills such as programming and using different types of software. They will use computing and technology across the curriculum as well as learning specific skills. We have a computer suite with 30 computers and all children have at least 1 hour in the suite a week. They also have computers in their classrooms. 

A major part of the computing curriculum is esafety so children understand how to use the internet and technology safely and responsibly. This fits in with the PSHE curriculum around keeping safe and working with others. Children are taught at an age appropriate level what to do if they come across something upsetting on the internet and how to use it responsibly. This is in different units throughout the year and take part in the national Internet Safety day. 

In this day and age, children are using technology and the internet much more at home so we encourage parents / carers to talk about esafety with their children regularly and think about appropriate safeguards on any technology children use. 

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